2018 Award Winners

Award Recipients

Outstanding Student Award

Lindsey is currently a student at Emporia State. According to her supervisors she has a very positive attitude and willing to do anything asked of her. She has already shown to her supervisors that she is an advocate for children by volunteering in various ways to support them. Lindsey has also put in many hours this year to support KDEC with the conference. Lindsey is already showing great passion for early childhood, as well as proving she is on her way to being a strong leader in the early childhood field.


Lindsey Riesselman (left) and Jenny Long

Direct Service Provider

Teran is clearly an outstanding professional, early interventionist, and colleague, but is viewed as an outstanding up and coming leader in early intervention. She has already begun this process by being an outstanding leader not only her own program, but in her community. Although Teran is just beginning her career she has already made exemplary contributions in her local community. She has been proactive in developing in fundraising for her program, bringing community partners together, and supporting her Early Intervention Team. Teran has a way of stepping up just when she is needed the most. When the current leadership team moved on from their positions at her local program Teran stepped up and continued the work. She now working towards supporting in other leadership teams including running for a KDEC office and signing up for a leadership role on the tiny-k board. Teran is well deserving of the direct service provider award.

Taran Frick (left) and Kelly Bechard

Distinguished  Service Provider Award

This award winner has long history of working with Part C in Kansas. She is an experienced professional who has been a mentor for many professionals throughout the state. She is and has been an advocate for children, families and early intervention professionals. Dena is an early interventionist that has been a leader in providing cutting edge evidence-based practices. She shares that knowledge with both families and her peers. Families have shared: “…Meeting with Dena at least once every week and then coming up with a plan and having guidance to implement that plan was huge. If problems came up we would re-evaluate and tweak our plan until we were successful. Having ongoing support was huge for us. We never felt alone in the process.”. “I cannot say enough how thankful I am to Dena for all her help and knowledge she has passed on to me. Our lives are so much better because of her”. Dena is a strong provider and clearly goes above and beyond to support children, families, and professionals in any way that she can.

Dena Bracciano (Right) and Tammy Wallin

Award of Excellence

Kathy has been an overwhelmingly strong advocate for the children of Kansas. Kathy’s commitment to children and her passion is recognizable across the state. Kathy demonstrates a knowledge and skills across the educational continuum. Her reputation is known across the entire state of Kansas as she does more than her part making sure that she is a strong voice for education. Kathy works tirelessly with all groups that have a vested interest in the children and she shows that vested interest through being a regular voice with the legislature. Kathy is clearly an educational leader for the state of Kansas.


Krickit Ketterl and Katherine Kersenbock-Ostmeyer (right)

Outstanding Contributor Award

This award is given to someone who has made a significant contribution to either Early intervention/special education in Kansas. KDEC is honored to announce this year’s award winner, Doug Bowman. Doug has supported many across the state. He has supported coordinators in various ways such as understanding the importance of the Local ICC in their networks. He also kept the field updated on what was happening “under the dome”. Doug has helped many local ICC’s in their role in supporting early intervention in Kansas, spending much face to face time assisting in any way needed. Doug has proved himself to be a strong liaison between the state ICC and the legislation. Doug may have stepped down from that role, only to pick up bettering the lives of others as the Community coalition coordinator with oral health of Kansas. It is clear that through Doug’s hard work and dedication he has and continues to make significant contributions to Kansas.

Doug Bowman (left) and Tammy Wallin

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