2019 Conference Photographs


Elizabeth Twombly and Leslie Munson

Leslie Munson (left) and Elizabeth Twombly,
Preconference Workshop Presenters

Marie and Jennifer Long

Marie Kohart (left) and Jennifer Long

Leslie Munson Presenting at Preconference Workshop

Jennifer Long and Cindy Schroeder who is being recognized for her service to KDEC. She is retiring as KDEC Historian.

Eva Horn, DEC Past President, provides updates regarding activities of DEC

Hoisington Receiving a KDEC Mini-Grant

Jennifer Francois, KDEC President Elect, addresses the conference attendees at the opening session

Opening Keynote Address

Dr. Ilene Schwartz Keynote Speaker

Krickit Ketterl Presenting CEC Updates

NKESC Autism Team

Parent Panel

Natalie McClane and Heather Staab presenting on Transitioning from Part C to Part B

Student Poster Session – Chelsea Waters, KU Student

Student Poster Session -  Naomi Sevart, WSU Student

Teri Swanson and Janelle Davey presenting on Visual Supports and Schedules for Children with Autism

Two Women and Jennie