2018 Conference Presentations

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Title of Presentation Author
A 2 Language Assessment Program for Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing (K.S.A. 75/5397e) Brin Schuweller and Kris Pederson
A 6 Self Regulation in Infants and Toddlers Lori Arndt
A 7 Bilingualism and Early Entervention Ana Paula G. Mumy
B 2 Moving Toward a Coordinated Early Childhood System in Kansas

Kris Pedersn

B 3 Creating Local Plans to Improve Social Emotional Outcomes

Fussy Baby Network FAN

Positive Social Relationships Exit Summary

8 Steps to Writing Functional, Measurable Outcomes

Russell Child Development Center

TARC tiny-k: Early Intervenion Works!

WCITS PSR Data Graphs

Wandotte Count Infant Toddler Services Child & Family Information Form

Wyandotte County Infant-Toddler Services
Kansas Part C: Cohort 1 Teams
B 5 The Heartland Regional Genetics Network
Heartland Regional Genetics Network
B 6 About Tap to Togetherness

Julie Pentz and Janice Schroeder

School of Music, Theatre and Dance; College of Human Ecology; K-State Research and Extention

Parents as Teachers
C 1 Kansas Connections to Kindergarten Readiness

Kansas Connections to Kindergarten Readiness (State Board of Education

Kansas CAN

Kansas State Board of Education
C 2 DEC Recommended Practice: You'll Know It When You See It!

Supporting Implementation of DEC Recommended Practices Using ECTA Center Products and Tools

DEC Recommended Practices with Examples: Environment

DEC Recommended Practices with Examples: Interaction

Environmental Arrangements Checklist

Adult-Child Interaction Checklist
Phoebe Rinkel
C 3 Supporting Staff to Meet the Needs of Infants/Toddlers with ASD and their Families Misty goosen
Karen Clemmer
Emily Walker
Elizabeth Caselman
C 5 The Early Childhood Autism Certificate: An Innovtive Approach to Professional Development Sarah Behrens
Melanie Garrison
Jennifer Oborny
Terri Cooper Swanson
C 7 Alliance for Childhood: Twelve Key Types of Play 

A Call for a Meaningful Technology Literacy 

Kids and Screens: What's Our Role? Part !

Recommendations for Families Regarding Media Use

Recommended Resources, Screen Time and Kids: What's Our Role?

Rethink the Screens Checklist 

School Readiness Equals
Emily Libla
D 1 KODO inspiring Exploration, Teaching Practices to Promote STEM Kasey Kile
D 2

Child-Child Interaction Checklist

Supporting Implementation of DEC Recommended Practices (RPs) Using ECTA Center Products and Tools

Practitioner Practice Guide: Peer Social Interactions

DEC Recommended Practices: ARPY's Online Tools for Self-Assessment, Reflection and Implementation 

Phoebe Rinkel
D 3 Writing Effective Social Emotional IFSP Outcomes

Responding to your Child's Bite

Make the Most of Playtime

Misty Goosen
D 6 Developing Resilience Behaviors in Adults and Children KCCTO-KITS Infant Toddler Specialist Network
D 7 Kids and Screens: What's our Role?  Emily Libla
D 8 Guiding Questions for Supporting Behavior

No More Random Acts of Intervention: Reducing Intefering Behaviors
Alice Boutz
Jennifer Hurd
E 1 A Teamwork Approach in the Primary Service Provider Model

South Team Meeting - Primary Coaching Opportunities (10 min.)

PWITS Team Meeting Agenda

Mary Ellen McGeehanLezlie Carson
Ashley Hurd
Teran Frick
Kelly Bechard
E 2 Let's Be Proactive: Universal Strategies to Prevent and Support Challenging Behaviors Carla Heintz
E 3 Using the iPad for Toddlers and Preschoolers with Visual Impairments

Using the iPad and a Sequence of Apps for Young Children with Multiple Disabilities by Cristi M. Saylor and Gloria Rodrigues-Gil with the California Deaf-Blind Services
Robert G Taylor
Marites Altuna
F 1 Take a Look! Using Visuals in Partnership with Families to support Children's Social and Emotional Competence Across Settings

Using Cartoons at Home, Parent Handout
F 2 Implementing Tier 2/3 Interventions in Preshool

Fidelity Checklist for Tier 1 Universal Classroom Practices for Providing Positive Social/Emotional Behavioral Support

Kansas MTSS Preschool Literacy Intervention Ideas

Kansas MTSS Preschool Math Intervention Ideas

Kansas MTSS Preschool Social Emotional Intervention Ideas
Chelie Nelson
Stacey Mayberry
F 4 Kansas Interagency Coordinating Council or Coordinating Council on Early Childhood Development Service

Selected House and Senalte Bills followed in the 2018 Legislative Session

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