2017 Conference Presentations

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Title of Presentation Author
A 1

Language Facilitation Strategies for the Classroom and the Home,

Ana Paula G. Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP
A 3 Who or What is aRPy?

Adult-Child Interaction Checklist ECTA Center

Preschool Language Learning

Social Games
Phoebe Rinkel, MS, Kansas DEC aRPy Ambassador
A 8 Childhood Readiness: Teaching Self-Regulation to Preschool-Age Children, Lena M. Kisner, Ed.S., NCSP
B 1 How Much is Enough? Determining the Frequency/Duration of Early Intervention Home Visits

Early Intervention: Deciding on Dosage

Misty Goosen

B 4 Working with and Coaching Multiple Caregivers and Foster Families

Mary Ellen McGeehan, Jeannine Billings and Monica Ross
B 5 KansansCan Support Families of Young Children

Sign up Reminder
Melissa Harlan
C 1 Garnering Family Engagement for Optimal Treatment Outcomes, Ana Gaul G. Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP
C 5 Class Meetings: Encouraging Leadership Skills in the Peschool Classroom

Beka Meitler, M.S.
C 6 Facilitating Play in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A look into pla theory, development, and the importance of promoting play in children with autism.

Mary Beth Patry
D 2 KansansCan: Kansas Early Childhood Outcomes: The Process, Procedure and Value of this Data Handout Barbara Drayal
D 3 Adverse Childhood Experiences

Trauma Informed Care: The Impact of Trauma

Trauma Informed Care

Foster Parent Curriculum: Module One, Vignette One

Foster Parent Curriculum: Module One, Vignette Two

Foster Parent Curriculum: Module One, Vignette Three

Foster Parent Curriculum: "Child I Care About" Worksheet
Audrey Lindemeyer and Stephanie Cross
D 5 The Five Non-Negotiables: Program-Wide Posiive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Katie Miller and Dheryl Lorenz
D 6 Thinking Inside the Box: Promoting Positive Social Skills Usin Cartooning

Using Cartoons at Home, Parent Handout

Thinking Inside the Box: Promoting Positive Social Skills Using Cartonning, Handout
Marie Kohart
E 1 Magical Chaos: Using "Play with Purpose" Sarah Edwards
E 2 - F 2 Adverse Childhood Experiences: Looking at how ACES affect our lives and society and implications for prevention B.J. Gore and Mary Hess
E 4 - F 3 Active Play and Responsive Environments for Young Children with Multiple Disabilities, Stephanie Parks, Ph.D., OTR/L, Nancy Miller, M.Ed., OTR/L
E 8 - F 8 Developing Resilience Behaviors in Adults and Children

Sarah Holmes, M.S.

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