2015 Conference Presentations

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Structuring Your Classroom for Success: Tier One MTSS Interventions: Lindy McDaniel

It's In Every One of Us: Resources to Support the Use of DECs Recommended Practices: Camille Catlett

Think Inside the Box: Cartooning Your Way to Positive Social Skills: Marie Kohart and Ashley Hesla

Early Childhood Fieldwork Opportunites in Kansas: Stephanie Parks, Eva Horn, Dave Linderman, Na-Young Kong, Vera-Stroup-Rentier, Sarah Walters, Gayle Stuber

Applying Kansas ESI Regulations in Early Childhood: Kim Page, Phoebe Rinkel

Implementing the Big Ideas of Early Childhood Mathematics: Chelie Nelson, Jennifer Oborny, Janet Reynolds, Becky Lanier

Talk, Read, and Play with Your Children Everyday: Aimee Alderman

Common Assistive Technology (AT) Questions: Sheila Simmons, Stuart Jones

Providing Inclusive Services through a Variety of Service Delivery Models: Vera Stroup-Rentier, Chelie Nelson, Phoebe Rinkel

Creating and Sustaining Positive Relationships Through Tiny Habits: Misty Goosen, Kelly Jorgensen

Apps for Math, Literacy, and so Much Learning! Sheila Simmons

What do you know about Transitions from Part C to Part B 619 Services: Sarah Walters, Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier, Peggy Kemp, Phoebe Rinkel

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