2014 Conference Presentations

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Jennifer Daniels

  • Keynote Speaker: Interactive Literacy and Music: An overview of the use of stories, songs and organized movement in early childhood education.

Session A2: Benton Johnson

Session A3: Peggy Kemp, Sarah Walters and Kelly Jorgensen

Session A6: Shana Schmidt

Session A7: Rebecca Obold-Geary and Megan Cote

Session B3: David Lindeman, Phoebe Rinkel and Deb McVey

Session C1: Phoebe Rinkel, Chelie Nelson and Vera Stroup-Rentier

Session D1: Phoebe Rinkel and David Lindeman

Session D2: Jennifer Oborny and Stacy Hamrick

Session D3: Diana Pfanenstiel

Session D4: Peggy Kemp

Session D5: Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier and Sarah Walters

Session E6: Stephanie Parks, Eva Horn, David Lindeman and Na Young Kong

Session D7: Paula Crotty and Erin Schuweiler

Session E7: Craig Phillips and Cara Cowan

Session E1: Sheila J. Brookes and Bethanie Grass

Session E2: Sarah Walters and Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier

Session E4: Chelie Nelson and Carla Heintz

Session F3: Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County, Amy Owens and Monica Helfer

Session F7: Barb Kempf and Scott Kedrowski

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